Audio creation is a hobby of mine. I design soundscapes for community theatre, and serve as technical director for my home church among other things. On this page you find links to files I have created for one reason or another. Feel free to listen and download, Just remember where you got it and properly credit the files you use.

Roll over the titles to call up the player and listen to the recording and let me know what you think.
Click to launch a file with plug-in or right click and ‘Save As..’ to download.


April 17, 2009

Where are the People – rtm

One Sunday night a month I participate in a Poetry as Spiritual Discipline discussion group. The title above links to a poem by a friend in that group. I really liked it so I wanted to record it, but I didn’t want to just set it to music and have done. So after making several recordings of various women reading the poem I decided this was the best way to go.

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