About Gray

Dennis GrayWho is Dennis Gray?

You’re probably not going to believe this, but I really have a hard time talking about myself. Oh, I can tell you what I’m doing, or what I like to read, or what my family is up to, but that’s actually a different thing. I can talk about my life; but talking about me is a different matter. I mean ‘who am I‘ is a question I struggle with on a regular basis.  Even in my fifties I’m constantly learning new things about myself. But let’s take a stab at it.

I’m a Believer. I’d like to tell you I’m a Christian but frankly, I’ve never been really comfortable with the designation. The word Christian means ‘like the Christ’ and I recognize that try as I might, I don’t qualify for that label most of the time. But I do believe that Jesus is the Son of God and will keep trying to live up to His example and no doubt I’ll write about that struggle from time to time.

I’m a cyclist. It’s my favourite mode of transportation. It’s also my favorite form of exercise, relaxation, time-killer, and sport.  I love it not just because it’s economical and environmentally friendly; not just because I think it’s a big part of the solution to air pollution, global warming, obesity, health care, and crumbling infrastructure; I love it because it’s just plain fun! When I ride I feel 15 instead of 50!

I’m a storyteller.  Mostly I love to tell the stories of the Bible, by heart, just as they appear in scripture.  I feel the scriptures were meant to be heard, not read.  When they are heard they come alive in a way that reading will never accomplish.  That why I join with others to tell these stories as they were meant to be heard. I also enjoy helping others tell their stories. It’s the only way we will ever break down the walls that separate us.

I’m a geek. Foremost an audio-geek, though I obsess to some degree on all kinds of technology. Computers are cool, but I’m a high end user, not a programmer.  I find my talents being used in a variety of places from churches, to concerts, and one of my favorites – community theatre. Most of the time I see myself as a poor man’s Montgomery Scott, struggling to jury rig something that will get the job done with less than optimal resources.

I’m a writer. Not a pro by any stretch. But I love to write; poetry, drama, humour, and of course I journal. I write because I have to. I write because there’s a part of me missing when I don’t. I guess that’s why I’m here. Now admittedly, there are time when I just don’t feel I have anything to say. When that happens, I won’t write. But that’s not likely to happen very often.

I’m a cancer survivor. Well, so far anyway. I was diagnosed with cancer in my right tonsil in November of 2010. After surgery and seven weeks of radiation therapy I was declared cancer free in March of 2011. All in all I have been most fortunate and blessed. I had a great medical team at the Juravinski Cancer Centre looking after me, wonderful help from the Canadian Cancer society, and the incredible community of Kortright Church supporting me every step of the way. Before I was diagnosed I was a the captain of Team Kortright a fundraising team in the yearly Ride To Conquer Cancer in support of the Princess Margaret Hospital’s cancer research. Now I continue in this effort only now it is far more personal. Please click here and support this more than worthy cause.

Basic Biographical Information. I was born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada in 1954.  Still living in the same place, not too terribly far from the neighbourhood in which I grew up. Married the lovely Roberta in 1982 and still wonder why it is she agreed to the ordeal of spending her life with me.  We have no children, but one cat named Samantha. I have two brothers, Steven and Alexander, both with wonderful families of their own; all of whom I never see nearly enough. When not at work or out cycling around the area you’ll likely find me at my second home – Kortright Presbyterian Church – where I have the privilege of serving as Technical Director.

  1. Dennis,

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