New World’s Tallest

Okay, I realize that the CN Tower’s record as the world’s tallest structure isn’t going to last forever. Eventually somebody had to build a bigger one, ’cause that’s just the way things are in this world. But am I the only one who thinks the proposed design (see computer generated picture at right) looks just a little familiar? And if the appearance isn’t enough, the leading corporation on this project is a railroad company! Even the description sounds like something I’ve read before.

“The new tower will be fitted with two observation platforms… It will sit on a triangular base and become cylinder-like as it stretches upwards.”

Now I appreciate that there are only so many ways to build a tower, and what with form following function and all, there is going to be a certain similarity in any design – but really! Please, people, could we try to be a little more innovative?

cially since this tower will also replace another one that looks hauntingly familiar. Check out the picture on the left. Has a certain French feel about it doesn’t it.

I recognize that imitation is in itself a form of flattery but I was hoping that when the CN Tower’s record was toppled it would be by something not only taller, but more elegant as well.

But hey, that’s just me.

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