If You Can’t Stand the Laughter, Get Out of the Kitchen

Okay so here’s the situation… You are the producer/director of your mother’s cable-access cooking show. You get the word that the show has been cancelled and during the final episode, your mom’s chief rival shows up to disrupt things. After all, her show’s been cancelled too, and with the history that exists between her and your mom, she’s not going down without settling a few things first. And if that wasn’t bad enough, this is the week you’ve chosen to stop smoking!

Such is the starting point of “Kitchen Witches”, Caroline Smith’s hilarious comedy. Directed by Denise Gismondi and produced by Jim Monaghan it is the latest offering by Elora Community Theatre. Performances are being held at the Fergus Grand Theatre, 8pm each evening (Sunday Matinee – 2 pm), April 25 – 27 and May 1 – 3, 2008.

Yes, it’s shameless self promotion time again, and once more I make no apologies. “Kitchen Witches” is my latest adventure as a soundscape designer. The unique challenge to face this time around is the production of some original music for the show. The play centers around a cable access cooking show and like any good TV program it needs a theme. And simply re-cycling the music from the Galloping Gourmet or even Bewitched isn’t going to cut it. Besides somebody, somewhere likely still holds the copyright and they’d want their piece of the action.

Fortunately, I had the assistance of a very talented young man by the name of Ben Leibovitz. He came up with a great theme and with the help of some local singers and my friend Brian’s in-home recording studio we’re getting the job done. The final mix should be ready some time next week.

The show is also giving me an opportunity to work once more with Ken Cameron. I was privileged to work with Ken on “Death of a Salesman” at Guelph Little Theatre a while back, and in “The Missing Piece/Peace” with In the Light Productions this past Christmas. This time around Ken plays the role of the producer/director in “Kitchen Witches” and has to referee the tussles between the troublesome twosome. I have really come to admire Ken’s talent and professionalism and I’ll tell you, if I wasn’t already involved with the show, I’d be coming out to see it anyway just to enjoy watching Ken do what he does so well.

So if you’re going to be in the Fergus/Elora area during the run of the play (again that’s April 25 – 27 and May 1 – 3, 2008 at the Fergus Grand Theatre) do yourself a favour and come out for an evening of fun and laughter with Community Theatre at It’s Best.

Tickets are available in advance by calling Ralph Basset Associates @ (519) 843-4852 -or- Long Distance (866) 500-6652. The box office open one hour before each performance.


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