Well friends, this is it!

20080406-043This post marks the official opening of the new location of Myriad Shades of Gray.  Feel free to look around and comment on what you do and do not like. There a few things here you wouldn’t have found at the previous location. There will be additional features added in the future I’m sure.

One thing that will be familiar is the scope of the content.  Namely, just about anything that catches my attention. From Achilles Heels to Zingers, from Antiquity to the Future;  all of it with an eye to how it impacts my spiritual walk.

All the posts from the old site have been imported here. I will catalog and tag them as time permits.  The old site will be deleted at the end of March 2009.  My other blog – Java and Jesus – will stay where it is for the time being; and yes, new posts are coming. I haven’t made up my mind about the History Blog yet.  Only time will tell.

So once again welcome – and please drop by often.

Until next time…  Enjoy!

Dennis Gray

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