I’m Just so (Yawn) Offended

I’ve been trying to get offended by Living With Lions latest album cover, but so far this is the only reaction I’ve been able to muster…

We so badaas punk we're making fun of a religion who'e credo is "Love Your Enenies."

With the church having faced everything from Chocolate Jesus to Piss-Christ to flexible Rature scheduling, taking on the Christian Church in North America, especially in terminally-polite Canada is just too easy; or at the very least is going to take a lot more edginess and/or imagination than a faux Bible cover. I mean there’s no risk involved whatsoever. We were doing ‘Holy Shit’ jokes when I was seven; mostly involving pictures of little brown piles with halos over them.

And if it wasn’t lame enough on it’s own, when you add the fact that they were embarrased into giving their gov’t grant money back, I imagine now punkers know how many Christians feel when the likes of Pat Robertson open their mouths.


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