Another One Rides a Different Bus

One question I have gotten a lot in the last two days is, “So, how do you like the new bus system?”

After trying to get to the church last night my comment to Roberta when I got home was, “I’m beginning to think that Guelph Transit’s strategy for reducing operating expenses is to give me reasons to buy a car.”

As a staff member at Kortright Presbyterian Church I am disappointed that the bus stop in front of the church is gone and that the shortest route to the church would seem to be a minimum of 10 minutes longer; however, I do realize that there are far more people than me riding the system and some of them may like the changes. We’ll see.

With that in mind, I have decided to withhold detailed comment for a week, by which time I have hopefully gotten a better view has to how the changes affect my various commutes.

In the meantime my Twitter feed with likely provide you with some play-by-play commentary.

2 thoughts on “Another One Rides a Different Bus

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