Why Am I Still a Christian?

When I read this is I found myself tearing up. It was like reading my own diary, and I’m not gay. But that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with my faith. Doubt, fear, uncertainty, rejection by peers who disagree; many Christian wonder why we still have faith. Stephen’s words express what many believers are feeling. If you’ve ever wondered why we keep believing – read this.

Sacred Tension

Lately, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about my faith, and why I even have it. The past few months have been hard, and I’ve been thinking a great deal about why I should hold onto my faith at all.

And here’s what I’ve realized: I’m not a Christian because it makes my life easier. It doesn’t. I’m not a Christian because it has saved me from depression, addiction, and pain. It hasn’t. I live every day with a battle against addictions, despair, hopelessness, and pain, and that has been true every day of my adult life. I’m not a Christian because it rescues me from the cold, terrifying hands of doubt. It doesn’t – I struggle with doubt every day.

I’m not a Christian because I have a home in the church. It has never really felt like home to me. I’m not a Christian because church feels like…

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