What I Did on My Summer Vacation

I was doing a 100 km tour on my bicycle over the Labour Day weekend when it occurred to me that I had not been on my blogs for nearly three months. In part it was because I really felt the need to take a break from it all, but the other half of it was the fact the the weather was just too nice to spend cooped up in my basement office staring at a computer screen. But now summer is over and it would seem the time has come to take a sledge hammer to my writer’s block and get back in the zone.

It wasn’t really all that eventful a summer. Mostly the days were spent (when I was not at work) enjoying a park, spending time with my wife Roberta, or just cycling all around town exploring areas of the city I haven’t seen is a while. The trips we planned to take didn’t happen, the parties we thought about holding never materialized, and yet there’s no disappointment because all in all – life is good.



There was one event however, that will stand out in my memory about the summer of 2007. A few weeks ago my friend Brian took Roberta and I up in the single engine airplane owned by the his flying club. I will admit there was a little apprehension as we made our way out to the runway. I’d been flying in a small plane many years ago and I don’t know if it was the weather that day, or the skill of the pilot I was with but it wasn’t the best experience of my life. I was determined however to give it another shot.

It was a terrific experience. I’m not afraid of heights, but I do have some issues when I’m not sure of my footing. Unsecured ladders, for example, can be a problem for me; but once my senses got accustomed to the idea of being suspended 1000ft above the ground with no visible means of support it was great fun. We took a bunch of pictures (my online album of them can be found HERE ) and I find that it was one of the most enjoyable photographic experiences I’ve had. I can’t wait for my next opportunity.

Among the many pictures we took was one of the Guelph water treatment plant (see pic). Brian’s comment at the time was, “Why does everybody always take a picture of the water treatment plant?” I’ve been giving the question some thought.

It’s because we didn’t know it was there! Well, we knew it was there – intellectually. Most of us realize that Guelph has a water treatment plant and a significant number may even know where it is, but I’m willing to suggest that the vast majority of Guelphites have never actually seen it and so we lack that personal point of contact that gives it a true sense of it being real. And I think it’s that way with a lot of things; it’s all a matter of perspective.

That was most exhilarating aspect of our time in the air, getting a different perspective on the city in which I have spent my entire life. The Church of Our Lady, my own little townhouse, the incredible amount of tree cover that Guelph has for a city that large, not to mention the incredible amount of treeless new subdivisions going up around its edges. Roberta and I both found that the change of perspective gave us a new appreciation for the places we took for granted as an everyday part of our lives.

So I’d like to publicly thank Brian for the experience and the new perspective. I can see where aerial photography could easily become an obsession if it is given the chance. The question now is, how do I feed that obsession without making a pest of myself. Though I did find this article on the web about aerial photography using a kite and an RC control. Now I’ll have to pester my brother Alex.


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