A Dainty Little Recording

The title of this post is a nigh unto unforgivable pun; but it’s late and I wanted to post this before I forget to again. I’ve been meaning to post this since the Easter Service it was recorded during, but I seem to keep forgetting to do it when I sit down at the computer. I usually wind up listening to a meditation stream from Mangatune instead.  But I digress.

My home church is blessed to have among our number Kareena Edward,  a very talented singer/actress who professionally goes by her maiden name Kareena Dainty.  At our Easter Sunday services Kareena, accompanied by Brian Watson on piano, sang a wonderful rendition of Twila Paris’ ‘How Beautiful’.  I made on quick on-the-fly recording of the performance and so here, for you enjoyment, and the convenience of the Dainty clan, is a posting of that recording.

How Beautiful – Kareena Dainty

Roll over the link above to launch player.  Click to play the song in your browser. Right click and “Save Target/Link as…” to download.

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