Where Are all the People

I know, I’ve been away doing other stuff. Among the things I’ve been working on is the following. It’s a poem a friend of mine wrote. I really liked it so I wanted to record it, but I didn’t want to just set it to music and have done. So after making several recordings of various women reading the poem I decided this was the best way to go.

Roll over the title to call up the player and listen to the recording and let me know what you think.
Click to launch file with plug-in or right click and ‘Save As..’ to download.

Where are the People – rtm

Where are the parents who love and comfort me?
The people who nurtured me,
The people who banished my fears like the wind,
The people who loved me no matter what?
Where have they gone?
Why aren’t they here now?
Do they still exist?
Perhaps they never did.

Where is the girlfriend?
The one who lent an ear,
The one who hugged me when my world turned upside down,
The one who was always there for me?
Why isn’t she here now?
Does she exist?
Perhaps she never did.

Where is the man who loved me beyond reason?
The man who helped me through life’s darkest hour,
The one who carried me when I couldn’t walk,
The man who would never leave me?
Why isn’t he here now?
Does he still exist?
Perhaps he never did.

Where are the people who care for me?
The ones who never leave,
The people who supported me,
The people who encouraged me,
The people who loved me unfailingly?
Why aren’t they here now?
I crawl sadly back inside myself,
That’s the only place they exist

By Rachel Tucker

One thought on “Where Are all the People

  1. Hey Dennis,
    I just wanted to say that this really, really spoke to me. Because mainly what I am struggling with is where is everyone? I feel so alone, and yet everyone is surrounding me, or are they? Is it just a figment of my imagination? It’s a great poem! And i’m glad that rachel got it out there, and that you put it on your blog the way you did. way to go!

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