Newsflash! Science can’t explain everything!

Well, I’ll admit the London Times isn’t real high on my list of must read newspapers so it took a while for this to come to my attention. 

Bernard d’Espagnat, an 87 year old quantum physicist with a fair bit of international cred, has been awarded the Templeton Prize, a £1 million prize ($ 1,790,400 CDN) that honours scientists who contribute to religious thought.  Dr d’Espagnat, professor emeritus of theoretical physics at Paris-Sud university, believes that science cannot fully explain “the nature of being.”

As stated in the article:  Dr d’Espagnat said in prepared remarks that, since science cannot reveal anything certain about the nature of being, it cannot tell us with certainty what it is not. “Mystery is not something negative that has to be eliminated,” he said. “On the contrary, it is one of the constitutive elements of being.”

I’d keep going but Ruth Gledhill (Times religion correspondent) has covered the topic quite nicely, so if you’re interested you can read the entire article at the following link…

Until next time…  keep thinking those deep thoughts.

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